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Bombo Radyo Cauayan


Streaming Live from Cauayan City, Philippines

Station Profile

The first DZNC broadcast was transmitted on the air at dawn on August 14, 1968. This marked the birth of a Radio Station that would serve the people of Region II and towns of neighboring provinces such as Ifugao, Kalinga, Apayao, Quezon, and Mountain Province, in all possible fields necessary during this era of development and technology.

True to its pledge of public service, the management of this station met the challenge of mass media development that would educate, inform and entertain the people.


A genuine pillar of democracy, Radio Station DZNC lost its first station manager, Atty. Manuel D. Banez Sr., when he was gunned down by unidentified assassins on June 14, 1970 near his residence, because of his brave expose through the radio, of graft and corruption in the government and in defense of abused citizens.


His death justified that station's name "CAUAYAN ACTION RADIO". Upon the death of Atty. Banez, his own niece, Mrs. Ma. Carayo Tactay ­Perez assumed office as the new station manager. Under her management, numerous radical policies were adopted and imposed which transformed the station further into a better public utility. These policies brought about new relevant programs;competence and efficiency of the staff members improved; aims and objectives of the station redirected. These changes and reforms, which were adopted and imposed almost simultaneously, were inspired by the station manager's concept of a service­oriented mass media management. In other words, she utilized the station's resources to meet the station's objectives of being a front runner in education, information, entertainment and public service.


The changes in the station's program standard are the result of continuous research mark by management and staff themselves. Balance programming
became the key words to its popularity. The intensive efforts of the management and staff in their vigilance to excel in the field of communication had eventually proven to be fruitful, because for the years that followed, DZNC had received numerous awards and commendations from various government as well as private offices of Region 02. For the year 1977, DZNC was awarded, by no less than the Office of the President of the Republic of the Philippines, through the National Intelligence & Security Authority (NISA) an outstanding award of service and in same year, the Northeast Command through the Commanding General, Brig. Gen. Gil Manuel, had selected Radio Station DZNC to be the station of the year for Region II. Radio Station DZNC is now on its 47th year of operation with a staff of 26 including its Station Manager Mr. Bobby W. Daguio. It operates from 4:30 AM to 10:00 PM. It has a license to operate at 10,000 watts. Because of legal issues, the station was closed by the City Government of Cauayan in May 2004 but resumed broadcast on February 8, 2006 after the Supreme Court issued an Injunction and eventually a decision in favor of Bombo Radyo Cauayan. Despite all the obastacles, BOMBO RADYO DZNC CAUAYAN will continue to exist and fight for what is right. The people deserved to be served, and we count ourselves as untiring SERVANT



Station Manager


Bombo Radyo Broadcast Center
Cauayan, Isabela


Contact Numbers:
(078) 652-2242 | 652-2110
Fax Line: (078)652-2242


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Call Sign: DZNC
Frequency: 801 kHz
Radiated Power: 10,000 Watts


Awards & Commendation



Awards & Commendation


34th CMMA Best Drama program (year 2012)

KBP Golden Dove Peoples Choice Award Winner - 1991,2009 and 2010

Diocesan Media Award 1995

KBP Best Public Affairs program Zona Libre year 1995

KBP Best News Program- Sa Totoo Lang year 1995

Best Radio Reportage on Aids year 1995


Over­all Number 1 Radio Station in Cauayan City with a rating of 96.15% ­
2015 Kantar Media Radio Surveys


Number 1 Radio Station in Isabela - survey conducted by Nielsen


Best Drama Program - 34th Catholic Mass Media Awards (2012)

"KBP Golden Dove Peoples Choice award for AM


Number 1 Radio Station in Isabela ­ survey conducted by Nielsen (2011)

"KBP Golden Dove Peoples Choice award for AM Station" 2010

"Best Radio Reportage on Aids" Ma. Gracia Cielo M. Padaca Dept. of Health Phil. Aids Media Awards 95 (October 15, 1995)

"KBP Golden Dove Awards" (December 18, 1991)

"Best News Programs" Radio Provincial Area- "Sa Totoo Lang"

"Best Public Affairs Program" Radio Provincial Area- "Zona Libre"

Plaque of Recognition from United Nations environment programme, UNESCO & the Earthsavers movement for pioneering reports in raising public awareness on environmental issues as reflected in the second place winning entry of Ms. Grace Padaca in conjunction with the climate change conciousness month (Asia Pacific Leaders' Conference on Climate Change Organizing Committee (March 20, 1995)

Diocesan Media Award from diocese of Ilagan as a recognition of its airlane leadership, its all-year-round support for the voiceless and helpless, its indomitable courage against the abuses of the powerful; awakening awareness of the rights of the people, its priceless drive for a clean, orderly and peaceful elections; and for its unstinting and varied service to the diocese, especially during its silver jubilee (May 27, 1995).




Gil Llanes
Bombo Reports 1st Edition


Bobby Daguio
Bombo Hanay Bigtime


Maylen Binalay aka Bombo Mariel Gomez
Bombo Hanay sa Tanghali


Jonathan Galapon aka Bombo Neil Galapon
Bombo Reports Afternoon Edition


Ronald Villaroman
Zona Libre

Contact Us

  • Address: 2406 Nobel corner Edison Streets, Makati City Philippines
  • Tel: +(632) 843 0116
  • Fax: +(632) 843 0121
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.