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The No. 1 Radio Network in the Country

I. Basta Radyo . . . Bombo!

A household byword in the field of broadcast and renowned for its integrity, hard hitting yet fair announcers and a news organization with a culture and work habits, under the leadership of its President/CEO, Dr.Rogelio M. Florete, has made it the No. 1 Radio Network in the Country, as it leads in listenership, audience share, and credibility.


Bombo Radyo's culture of excellence and dauntless commitment to deliver the news with passion has made it as the daily companion of radio listeners nationwide.



Bombo Radyo Philippines' dominance in the field of news, public affairs, music and entertainment remains unchallenged in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao where it operates its 43 radio stations composed of 22 AM (Bombo Radyo) and 21 FM ( Star FM) stations.


The drive of getting the news fast, first and right and Bombo Radyo's no-holds barred and fearless qualities have been its staying power and main weaponry that has given it the far reaching influence across all economic classes ( A-B-C-D-E) and across age groups.


Never compromising on issues of public interest, Bombo Radyo Philippines has been a beacon of hope and inspiration for the people.

Bombo Radyo's programming and unique style of broadcast is a model even for its competitors.



Bombo Radyo Philippines from the northernmost and down to the southernmost part of the country could be heard in most primary cities with its power reaching to and beyond its secondary areas of coverage.


Bombo Radyo Philppines has its effective presence in 90% of the political regions of the country.



Bombo Radyo's track record in the area of radio promos has long been talked about in the broadcasting industry. From the traditional role of radio in promotion and advertising, Bombo Radyo has taken it to a new and higher level of direct marketing by way of its unconventional and effective hyping prowess.


This trademark in the field of marketing, never before witnessed in the history of radio broadcasting gave Bombo Radyo Philippines the "nom de guerre" as the "Inventor of Radio Promos".



Finally, in the field of broadcasting in a country with a high literacy rate , as one of the centers of education in Southeast Asia, and a nation with the most number of professionals, Bombo Radyo Philppines following and listenership though the years had been due to the uncompromising integrity that it has trained its people and the mark of courage that it has continuously passed on to its broadcasters.


"Bombo" is an Ilonggo term for a big bass drum of a marching band. True to its name, "Bombo" leads the cadence and dictates the pace in the broadcast industry.

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