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The game of basketball continues to evolve and so does the way the games are being sold to the fans.

The NBA is always coming up with new ideas to keep the excitement and booked the fans to watch the league.

For this season, the Association will debut the Rivals Week in which teams with storied rivalries go on against each other. This is currently dated from January 24 to January 28.

Here are some of the teams included in this stretch.

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Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics
New York Knicks vs Brooklyn Nets
Golden State Warriors vs Memphis Grizzlies
Dallas Mavericks vs Phoenix Suns
Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics
Chicago Bulls vs Charlotte Hornets
Minnesota Timberwolves vs Memphis Grizzlies
L.A. Clippers vs Los Angeles Lakers
Philadelphia 76ers vs Brooklyn Nets
Toronto Raptors vs Golden State Warriors
Denver Nuggets vs Philadelphia 76ers

And right from the announcement, the NBA fans were already thrilled for this week.

It will definitely be added to the must-watch points of the season like the tipoff week, Christmas games, and the All-Star weekend.