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The game of basketball is expanding and evolving, thus, the rules too.

In a report of The Athletic, the NBA and the Players Association are expected to apply new rules in the league and these are the draft age eligibility and mental health designation.

Both agreed to lower the draft eligibility to 18 years old, meaning high schoolers can directly apply to the NBA draft without spending one-year in college.

The current rule that only allowed 19-year old players to apply in the draft is causing a lot of one-and-done players in college.

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With the current level of basketball talent in the world right now, more teenagers are already capable of playing in the NBA just like LeBron James and the late great Kobe Bryant.

Here are other ballers that were drafted right out of high school: Kendrick Perkins, Andray Blatche, Gerald Green, CJ Miles, Rashard Lewis, Tyson Chandler, Jermaine O’Neal, Amar’e Stoudemire, etc.

The other thing the league wants to change is the designation of “mental health” that is going to be placed under “injury.” This means the player can sit out of a game while taking his time to heal.