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Aside from the opening night and the all-star weekend, NBA fans also look forward to what the league has to offer in Christmas.

And the Association already revealed the teams that will play on the 25th of December. Selected squads to play in the special day are either already or upcoming rivalry.

Here are the five matches we will see.

The Golden State Warriors will play the Memphis Grizzlies.

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During the offseason, Draymond Green was jabbing with Ja Morant and his teammates on Twitter and this is the game to look forward to.

Joining them are the Los Angeles Lakers versus Dallas Mavericks. LeBron James will go head-to-head with Luka Doncic, a heavy favorite to win the MVP next season.

The Milwaukee Bucks will also see action on Christmas as they go up against the Boston Celtics. The Philadelphia 76ers and the New York Knicks faceoff and the Phoenix Suns-Denver Nuggets game complete the marquee matchups of the holiday.