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Vice President and Education Secretary Sara Duterte, urged communities to put peace, order, and children’s education as a top priority while urging the local government of Capiz province to improve tourism and its disaster preparedness system.

The official spoke at the Maragtas Cultural Parade and the 122nd Founding Anniversary and Maragtas Cultural Parade at the Capiz Provincial Capitol in Roxas City, Capiz.

The Vice President stressed the significance of local governments continuing to address the needs of people and advance local initiatives in her 12-minute address.

“I encourage our local leaders to strengthen mechanisms that will bolster your tourism potentials — and at the same time, build up the capacities of other sectors important in your economic growth,” Duterte added.

“Our common vision is to see that growth is inclusive and that we are able to address the needs of vulnerable sectors in our society,” she furthered.

Because the province is vulnerable to typhoons, the vice president reminded Capiznons of the value of disaster preparedness and the necessity for communities to be resilient to the effects of weather disruptions.

“Paparating na po ang bagyo (The typhoon is coming). Let us take the opportunity to prepare, educate and train our communities on disaster risk reduction focusing on mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery,” she said.

Duterte emphasized that the maintenance of peace and order in the province would be necessary for the people to have the freedom to realize their full potential and follow their ambitions.

Duterte stressed that peace and order are the “core building blocks of economic and environmental sustainability” because the country’s economic freedom is predicated upon the safety and security of the people.

Meanwhile, the Vice President, who holds the position of Education secretary in a concurrent capacity, appealed to parents to make sure their children attend school.

She also urged them to call out local terrorism because it “destroys the future of the children.”